wish upon a star

Friends only. :3 This means: You'd better be fucking determined to be a friend.

Friends only.
Please comment if you want to be added, and I will consider~

But of course, there's always a catch.
This journal includes mentioning of:
Homosexuality, transsexuality, GLBT things, etc.
This is just.. a no-brainer. Homophobes can kindly. Get. Out.
Sexuality in general.
From stupid perversion to more serious and/or personal things, or just sex in general. Virgin Mary, plz go to the corner, kaybye.
Drug/alcohol use and abuse.
My family has a history of this. That means I do, too. So, I come across this subject a lot.
If you don't want to deal with a kid that's fucked up his head, then wander away~
Fictionkin/soulbonding, etc.
I have my beliefs, you have yours. Mine might be in outer space, I don't care. Respect them and I'll respect you and yours.
Different languages/etc.
I'm trying really hard to learn German, Russian, and get into French, however stupid I may be about learning them. I also can tend to be very vague or cryptic. It's my own journal, too; If there's entries you don't understand, they're probably there for my sake, deal with it.
Mood swings, ranting, obnoxious capslock, the like.
I'm a teenager. I have a life, and I have my own problems, no matter how big or how little. Yes, I can be a shitmouth fucking asshole. And yes, when I am upset, I will cry and I will rant. It's just part of me. I've learned it's better to get shit off my chest than build it up and end up hurting everyone and myself in the end.
I cuss a lot. I ramble a lot. I fanboy like no other motherfucker. I post anywhere from a few times a week [however unlikely] to multiple times a day. It's just how I function.

In short/tl;dr:
I'm very highly likely to get on your nerves. Just, as a warning. If you friend my journal, it means putting up with every little thing that it contains that will pop up on your damn friendslist, even if you don't like it.

Just because you're friended doesn't mean you can see all my entries. Certain things are filtered for certain people. It's a given.